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7 août 2011 7 07 /08 /août /2011 12:00

In '83, I discovered the canadian band ANVIL with their best album "Forged in fire" (1983), then listened to their first two albums "Hard'n'Heavy" (1981) and "Metal on Metal" (1982).

I continued to follow their carreer with their last great album "Strengh of steel" (1987), then came albums more or less interesting, constantly changing labels, but ANVIL remained true to his style, with theirs two leaders (Singer/guitarist Lips & drummer Robb Reiner).

Now we have this great film "The story of ANVIL" made by an old fan of the band, Sascha Gervasi that shows the joys and sorrows of a band that we never forgotten. Respect to ANVIL !


Note : I have made this broadcast in 2009 (before "The story of ANVIL" DVD was issue in France, and before the issue of their new album "Juggernaut of justice" in 2011).

So, welcome to the story of ANVIL by words and music... Enjoy !


ANVIL STORY 1981-1989 part I : link

ANVIL STORY 1981-1989 part II : link

ANVIL STORY 1991-2009 part I : link

ANVIL STORY 1991-2009 part II : link


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